Final report Project MIND published

Secretary of State Wiersma has informed the the House of Representatives (Tweede Kamer) about the final report of Project MIND in the letter ‘Kamerbrief diverse onderwerpen kinderopvang’ of December 2021. This report describes the results, conclusions and recommendations after four years of research into bilingualism in daycares.  The Secretary of State mentions in the ‘kamerbrief’ he will leave the decision for a possible structural policy for multilingual daycare to the next cabinet, partly because of demissionary status of the current cabinet. The results in the final report will be presented by the MIND research team during a livestream on Friday afternoon January 28, 2022. The link and programme will be shared shortly, During this livestream director Childcare Tuncay Uyanik of the Ministry of Social Affairs & Employment will be present to give more insight on the policy development of bilingual daycare.